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I like to consider myself a creative social entrepreneur. It is my passion to travel the world and share knowledge of the many different cultures around the world. I enjoy motivating individuals to pursue ownership, travel, and entrepreneurship. I personally believe that knowledge is not power, but the application of knowledge is power. Black Knowledge goal is to inspire with engaging visuals and effective messages.

Celebrate dance through the life and story of the Nicholas Brothers


Tap-dancing brothers Harold and Fayard Nicholas broke through the color barrier to become one of the most popular show business acts of the 1930s and '40s. The duo began performing intricate, high-flying song-and-dance routines in New York City in the early 1930s and went on to appear in such films as Kid Millions (1934), The Big Broadcast (1936) and Black Network. By the start of the 1940s, they were international celebrities. As word spread of their talents, the Nicholas Brothers became famous in Philadelphia. They were first hired for a radio program, The Horn and Hardart Kiddie Hour, and [...]

Celebrate dance through the life and story of the Nicholas Brothers2019-03-04T09:52:51-04:00

The Importance of Financial Literacy and Ways to Save Money


Financial literacy is vital for everyone but especially business owners. One wrong move now can balloon into a major issue when you least expect it. Unfortunately, many black business owners are raised in households where financial knowledge is limited or nonexistent. However, to succeed in business, that’s an obstacle you must quickly overcome. What is financial literacy? Officially, financial literacy is your understanding of basic financial terms as well as credit and debt management. How to balance a checking account, how to avoid massive debt and how to properly use a credit card are all concepts that fall under [...]

The Importance of Financial Literacy and Ways to Save Money2017-11-12T16:23:55-04:00

Why Black Entrepreneurs Should Building Their Own Network


For black business owners, disadvantages are lurking around every corner.  Whether it’s lack of access to capital and resources, discrimination from potential investors or refusal of a target audience to support the business, it can be extremely tough to find your bearings in a business world dominated by people who don’t look like you.  However, instead of giving into the frustrations, channel your energies into a valuable skill that can change your outlook: network with other black business owners. In and of itself, networking is crucial because your business contacts can connect you with new customers, investors and even [...]

Why Black Entrepreneurs Should Building Their Own Network2019-03-04T09:56:30-04:00

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