Course Objective

By the end of this course, learners will understand the critical steps to validate a business idea, from initial concept through market analysis, to financial feasibility and implementation planning. Learners will be able to confidently proceed with their business idea or pivot based on data-driven insights.

Course Content

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Section 1: Understanding Validation and its Importance

Section 2: Market Analysis and Customer Research
Section 3: Financial Feasibility and Implementation Planning
Section 4: Validating with Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
Section 5: Refining Your Idea and Next Steps

About Instructor

Jasper Balom

I like to consider myself a creative social entrepreneur. It is my passion to travel the world and share knowledge of the many different cultures around the world. I enjoy motivating individuals to pursue ownership, travel, and entrepreneurship. I personally believe that knowledge is not power, but the application of knowledge is power. Black Knowledge goal is to inspire with engaging visuals and effective messages.

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