Inspire your Hustle

Get exposed to the moves that make you take action with our upcoming podcast.

A Podcast of Grind

Get ready for a podcast that will set the stage for conversation around what it takes to break into industries. Discover how you can navigate the professional world and earn a career that doesn’t just feel like work from the perspective of those living it.

We have a strong lineup of inspiring entrepreneurs, up-and-coming talents, and industry leaders that will be sharing their knowledge as they present their journeys. Hosted by Jasper Balom, prepare yourself as he takes you down engaging conversations of self-awareness, stories of struggles to overcome, and a raw presentation of paths into careers and lifestyles that typically challenge people of color.




Interview with Carlie Thompson

Houston native, Carlie Thompson has been developing her career in audio in the San Antonio area for the past several years with Bad Vibe Studios, Bad Vibe Multi-Media, and independently. Not only does Thompson serve as a tracking and field recording engineer, but has branched out as a camera tech and production assistant as well. She is continuously honing in on her craft to explore the limitless possibilities within the multimedia field. With her success, Thompson looks to give further support to local businesses and other creative ventures/individuals to help watch the dreams of others grow.