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Redefining You

Black Knowledge is the expressed interest of development in one’s self and their community through the shared expertise and application of acquired knowledge. It is our vision to build a platform that can harbor an environment for skill development, collaborative problem-solving, and establishment of leaders in business. We want to shake the foundation of what currently exists in the representation for people of color in the work environment and political hemisphere.

We feel we can influence this by establishing a solid community alignment for allowing individuals to invest in themselves so they can then invest in their community; building leaders who can better represent their brothers and sisters in the establishment of fair wages, greater access, and better government representation.

Black Knowledge Network

Black Knowledge Academy

The Black Market

Our Mission

Our vision is huge, and it will come into focus from building with each other. We are paving the way for an online community that will instill the opportunity to network, build, and grow with our fellow entrepreneurs. Discover the stepping stones we are laying down as we work towards our ultimate independence and financial freedom.